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Welcome to Watson Baptist College & Career Ministry

Knowing Christ & Making Him Known

Our Programs

Our College & Career Class Site offers a variety of programs designed to help young adults grow in their faith and career. From Bible studies to monthly fellowships, we provide opportunities for personal and professional development. Click here to learn more about our programs.

Upcoming Events

Join us for our upcoming events and connect with other young adults in our community. From social events to service projects, we provide opportunities to grow in your faith and make a difference in the world. Click here to see our calendar of events.

Get Involved

We believe that everyone has something to contribute to our community. Whether you are looking to attend a Bible study, volunteer at an event, or join a small group, there are many ways to get involved. Click here to learn more about how you can get involved.


At Watson Baptist College & Career Ministry, we believe that young adults can find Christ through everyday opportunities. Our mission is to provide a supportive community where young adults can grow in their faith and pursue their career goals. We offer a variety of programs and events designed to help young adults navigate the challenges of this stage of life. Click here to learn more about our team and what makes us different from other college and career ministries.

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